Workers’ Compensation Coverage

Workers Compensation Coverage

Working in the South Florida sunshine with the sights and sounds of Miami and the Palm Beaches is exhilarating. However, with extraordinary employment opportunities comes extraordinary risk and South Florida is also home to a variety of elevated risk occupations. From the marine industry to high construction, Florida business owners in particular need exceptional Worker’s Compensation Coverage. At BIA & Company, we recognize the need to find quality, dependable coverage as a requirement and in the course of securing financial protection for your business. With qualified professionals and years of expertise, we’re prepared to help you secure the most reliable insurance solutions.

Florida Requirements
Employers in South Florida with four or more full or part time workers are required to provide Workers Compensation Coverage. However, a special exemption is made for those employees in a non-medical business who are currently members of a Limited Liability Corporation (LLC) or sole practitioners. Nevertheless, as a Florida employer, you have the legal responsibility to provide a safe working environment for your employees with workers compensation insurance protection.

Protecting High Risk Businesses From Miami to West Palm Beach and Beyond
At BIA & Company, we recognize the fact that hazardous activities often define employment in South Florida, and we have been providing quality Workers Compensation Coverage to Florida businesses for years. Accidents will happen, and when they do, whether an employee is injured on the premises or elsewhere, the right coverage is protection from liability. Plus, benefits from insurance are paid directly to employees without regard to who was at fault. That means medical expenses, lost wages, rehabilitation services and even death benefits to a surviving spouse or dependent are covered.

Controlling Financial Risks
As an employer, you can’t protect against every accident, but you can be prepared with the right Workers Compensation Coverage from BIA & Company. In the state of Florida, Workers Compensation Coverage protects every employee in the business, and generally eliminates the need for litigation following an injury. Work related illness, even automobile accidents are covered under Florida Workers Compensation coverage. As a Florida business owner, balancing the need to control financial risks while assuming responsibility can be complex. Trust the experts at BIA & Company to help you secure the coverage you and your employees deserve- and get peace of mind that whatever happens, you’re protected by the best.