Valuable Collections & Possessions

Valuable Collections Insurance Coverage

From rare coins and stamps to vintage wines, South Florida homes are often defined by unique and unparalleled collections with high monetary value. In the event of theft, accident or natural disaster, cherished possessions deserve to be secured by the best. When a higher standard of protection is required, Valuable Collections insurance from BIA & Company just makes sense.

Your Homeowners Policy is Not Enough
In many cases, the typical south Florida homeowners policy is broad and wide-ranging, covering a variety of basic items like furniture, major appliances and clothing. While some additional coverage exists for jewelry, furs and other valuables, it’s often inadequate and extremely limited. In fact, most policies have limits on not only the dollar amount that can be recovered, but also, on the types of items that can be insured. Valuable collections and treasured assets require the best protection possible with a separate policy designed to protect items with a monetary value much higher than traditional supplemental coverage can handle.

Comprehensive Coverage From Miami to the Palm Beaches
When only the highest quality protection for your most valuable collection will do, BIA & Company is proud to offer comprehensive coverage for a variety of items. With higher limits of coverage available, worldwide protection and more perils included, all-inclusive coverage is simple. That means if you are overseas and your antique camera collection is damaged, your artwork goes missing or you accidently break your great grandmother’s china, you’re covered.  With flexible options, it’s never been easier to secure itemized coverage, blanket coverage, even protection for pairs and sets. Comprehensive coverage from BIA & Company is the solution for ensuring your collection is safe and sound, no matter what unexpected event occurs.

A Higher Standard of Protection From BIA & Company With Experts by your Side
A Valuable Collections policy from BIA & Company makes it easy to secure a higher standard of protection for your special assets. Going above and beyond is not a challenge, but expected. In fact, exceeding expectations with personalized attention and efficient service is what we do best. We are experts at what we do, and whether you’re in Coconut Grove, Ft. Lauderdale or West Palm Beach, we’re here to here to offer a higher standard of protection. From imported oriental rugs or rare coins and stamps to vintage wine and more, BIA & Company is the right choice to keep your possessions safe and sound and protect your property at home and abroad.