Marine Insurance and Why You Must Have it

Hardly anyone would argue it’s best to drive your car uninsured or to leave it up to chance if your homeowner’s policy is about to expire. The fact is, we work hard to afford the luxuries we have- whether it’s a 6 bedroom home a luxury sedan or a yacht. Insurance protects our things in the event they are damaged or stolen. The right insurance coverage it’s an important part of taking care of your investments.

BIA & Company is pleased to be the premier marine insurance provider in South Florida, serving Key West, Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, Coral Springs and the Palm Beaches.  For comprehensive coverage and dependability that’s unparalleled, trust BIA & Company for all your South Florida marine Insurance needs.

Reliable Coverage For all Your South Florida Marine Insurance Needs
At BIA & Company, we have worked hard to earn a stellar reputation with the South Florida boating community by providing nothing short of the highest quality coverage available. Dependable, reliable and there when you need it most, BIA and Company equals security and peace of mind on the water or off.  With a comprehensive portfolio of marine insurance products, we offer protection, security and the highest quality coverage for south Florida Yachts and mega yachts, triple and quad engine boats, commercial marine, even charters.

 Expertise and Unparalleled Customer Service…One Client at a Time
What should you expect from an  insurance provider? How about the expertise and knowledge that comes from years of successfully tailoring just the right coverage for a variety of discerning clients and the assets they worked hard for. How about a customer service team that exceeds expectations every time? At BIA and Company, we’re more than a Miami luxury insurance provider, but a trusted partner, helping you care for your most valued possessions.

Don’t take unnecessary chances when you can secure quality coverage from BIA and Company. Insuring your asset for full market value? Let the professionals at BIA and company protect your investment and get the peace of mind you deserve in knowing your favorite investment is safe and sound. After all, the road is wide, but the ride is better when you have the confidence of solid luxury auto insurance to stand behind.