Flood & Excess Flood Disaster Insurance


Floods are the number one natural disaster in the United States and are responsible for losses totaling more than a billion dollars annually. Damage can happen anywhere, anytime and isn’t limited to coastal areas. In fact, torrential rain, mudslides, even improper drainage can cause significant damage and destruction.

In South Florida, homeowners and residents know better than most what rising flood waters can do to a home or business. During hurricane season in particular, coastal water damage and flooding is widespread and with the integrity of the levee system surrounding Lake Okeechobee unknown, even inland flooding is a very real possibility. Luckily, the right protection begins and ends with quality Flood and Excess Flood Disaster insurance from BIA & Company.

Protecting Your Investment Over and Above a Standard or Preferred National Flood Insurance Policy
In South Florida, the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) provides options for homeowners to purchase flood insurance for residential or commercial buildings and contents. However, the standard policy that is offered is simply not adequate as many homes and businesses in the area exceed NFIP limits. In fact, residential homes in high risk areas like Key West, Miami and the Palm Beaches can only be insured up to a maximum of $250,000 for building and structural damage, making additional flood coverage a priority. With Excess Flood Disaster insurance from BIA & Company, you can get optimal protection- sufficient coverage to adequately protect your home from water damage.

The Right Preparation is Key… Residential Property and Contents Coverage
Florida is a catastrophe prone state, there’s no denying. And with waterfront properties extending along the coastline for miles, the possibilities for flood damage are very real indeed. What’s the key to avoiding financial devastation from rising water? The right protection and the right Excess Flood Disaster Insurance from a company you trust. With residential property coverage available up to $5,000,000,000, and professional advice to guide decision making, you can have confidence that you’re making informed choices and taking proactive steps to keep your home and family protected.

A Responsive, Reliable Partner in BIA & Company
With broad based expertise, BIA & Company has helped thousands of South Florida residents from Cocoa Beach to Miami secure the coverage they need to protect one of their largest investments. Specialized experience gained through years of successfully handling flood and natural disaster issues has provided our team with the skills and firsthand knowledge to help residents secure optimal coverage promptly, efficiently and with the least inconvenience. For homeowners, individuals and families, BIA & Company is a responsive, reliable partner, helping you secure the coverage you need with unparalleled personal service and the attention you deserve.