Auto Insurance


Auto Insurance – Classic/Exotic/High value vehicles
A symbol of elegance and extraordinary taste, high value vehicles are a unique addition to your investment portfolio and deserve to be protected by the best. With customizable options and features not commonly associated with traditional car insurance policies, BIA and Company has what you’re looking for- high end, South Florida luxury automobile insurance and the coverage you need to feel confident that your most prized asset is well protected.

Customized Features For Truly Unique Coverage
Whether it’s a treasured classic, a high end sports car or an exotic one-of-a-kind, your high value vehicle is pretty extraordinary.  With distinctive styling and high performance output, luxury automobiles are a staple in South Florida, from Miami to the Palm Beaches. Whether it’s limited use or your daily ride, luxurious automobiles require customized insurance options- features that give you peace of mind in knowing you’re protecting your vehicle the way it deserves to be protected- with just the right combination of unique coverage to fit your needs.

Extraordinary Taste Deserves Extraordinary Coverage
At BIA and Company, we’re proud to offer features as part of our luxury auto insurance that you will most likely not find with typical Florida auto insurance policies. We understand that your vehicle is an important asset, and we believe it should be protected like one. After all, extraordinary taste deserves extraordinary coverage and we’re ready to make certain the protection you need is available easily and conveniently.

Expertise and Unparalleled Customer Service…One Client at a Time
What should you expect from a high value auto insurance provider? How about the expertise and knowledge that comes from years of successfully tailoring just the right coverage for a variety of discerning clients and the cars they love. How about a customer service team that exceeds expectations every time? At BIA and Company, we’re more than a Miami luxury car insurance provider, but a trusted partner, helping you care for your most valued assets.

Original parts and superior craftsmanship define vintage collectible cars and it’s these details which keep your investment a cut above the rest. Why take unnecessary chances when you can secure quality coverage from BIA and Company, insuring your asset for full market value? Let the professionals at BIA and company protect your investment and get the peace of mind you deserve in knowing your favorite investment is safe and sound. After all, the road is wide, but the ride is better when you have the confidence of solid luxury auto insurance to stand behind.