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The OUYA can be a new $99 video game console developed by OUYA Inc and manufactured by BOXER8 which runs using a version with the Android main system. It was funded via Kickstarter and took over as website’s second highest earning project ever with $8,596,474 pledged. The OUYA was only released on June 25th and has generated a lot of hype like a cheaper substitute for next generation consoles.
The Console
The right off the bat you will observe in regards to the console is that it is incredibly small. It can literally easily fit in the palm of your hand. The small size has a few benefits to it including not implementing up a large amount of space inside your entertainment center and of course more portability. The OUYA would be quite simple to consider to a friend’s house or on the business trip. Relatively speaking, it’s packing some pretty decent power for such a tiny tool and is powered by a NVIDIA Tegra 3 quad-core CPU and one GB of RAM. The console also comes equipped with one USB port and supports the utilization of a keyboard and mouse via USB and Bluetooth.
After taking everything out of the box, things begun to get dicey from the get go. The HDMI cable that accompanies the OUYA is quite short which severely limits where you can put the console. This wouldn’t necessarily be very much of an problem if the power cable wasn’t also unusually short. As a result of these short cables, I had to connect the console located on the ground behind my TV. This was obviously a lower than a great location for it.
Accomplishing the work of plugging it in, I was immediately met using a second obstacle ‘ the need to hook up to the net. There was absolutely no way to have surrounding this in terms of I could tell but as soon as the initially signing in, it is possible to play games offline so long as you remain logged into the account.
The OUYA supposedly includes integrated 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi however it just didn’t manage to desire to hook up with my wireless. Considering I had the console sitting only a few feet faraway from my Xbox 360, that also uses Wi-Fi, I have to conclude this was obviously a challenge with the OUYA rather than my connection. Luckily I had an extra Ethernet cable available and used that.
So now I had everything plugged in, connected to the internet, and able to go. That’s when the most important annoyance of hit me. It required me to enter a charge card number! No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t bypass this. If I wanted to get towards the dashboard and play any games, I had to provide them my bank card beforehand! Although it does promise your card should never be charged without specifically cueing you firstly, this will make looking at the game marketplace somewhat frightening. Navigating through the marketplace, and various in-game menus, it felt like I had to be vigilant I didn’t accidentally purchase something. I would much rather enter my card number whenever I developed a purchase than contain it always saved on file.
Fortunately there is a parental control option which can be started up so that it will need a PIN code be entered prior to each purchase in order to avoid kids and guests from purchasing the full version of every game in sight. Turning parental controls on for myself may appear silly, but provided me with greater comfort. They aren’t enabled automatically though in order that is one area to make note of.
The Controller
The controller have their own pros and cons. Even before my trouble of plugging the OUYA into my television began, the initial big challenge that have to become overcome was finding out how you can put the two AA batteries to the controller. The manual doesn’t let you know what to do there are not any markings or obvious compartments about the controller in any respect. I literally were required to make use of YouTube to discover that I was required to pry over entire front in the controller with my hands. One battery then goes in each hand grip.
Other than that though, the controller is fairly nice. Apparently the Kickstarter version with the controller a lot of issues like dead spots within the analog sticks but I failed to experience anything that way. The two hand grips are big also it feels really comfortable inside your hands. It’s set up exactly like an Xbox 360 controller so Xbox veterans will feel right in your house. There is often a touchpad inside center of the controller as well but it isn’t used in the greatest games at this time. Perhaps within the future more games might utilize it so that it is still a great feature to possess. Aside from determining how to squeeze batteries in, the only other bad thing concerning the controller is the trigger buttons feel pretty weak and not very ‘trigger-like.’
The Interface
The Dashboard works on the unique version with the popular Android Jelly Bean os. Navigating through menus is quite fast also it is all to easy to search through games by genre, by popularity, or by developer playlists. Jumping in and away from games is easy so you never really experience much lag. You can exit out of the game and return to the primary dashboard whenever you want simply by holding down the logo button inside the middle in the controller.
The Games
There are not any physical games to purchase for the OUYA but rather things are downloaded digitally. The OUYA may be in front of its a pointer and need rest. It only is sold with eight gigabytes of hard disk drive space that is actually plenty to store a lot of games since they don’t take up much room. Final Fantasy III, for example, only consumes 199 MB.
Although OUYA ruins on Android OS, games that you’ve purchased inside Google Play Store will not likely run on the console which is quite strange. According to there are presently 186 games accessible to download during this writing with new ones scheduled to get added weekly. Most from the games are indie titles but there are some notable ‘normal’ games such as the previously mentioned Final Fantasy III and Sonic 4 Episodes 1 and two.
Every game is provided for free-to-try within the sense that they must incorporate a free demo that’s the timed version of the full game or even a shortened version made specifically like a demo. Games may also be made completely free-to-play and utilize purchasable upgrades, expansions, or in-game items. This is easily one of the OUYA’s biggest strengths because it will help you to continually browse from the marketplace, try any game seems interesting, and purchase only ones that suits you. Games typically cost a number of bucks for your full version.
Perhaps the OUYA’s biggest strength can also be its biggest weakness as well. Pretty much anybody can develop and publish a sport to the OUYA. The OUYA Development Kit costs nothing as well as the console includes all of the tools you have to start programming your own game. There aren’t any licensing fees, either. Newly published games are placed in a very broad ‘sandbox’ category. The more people play your game, the bigger it’s ‘OUYA rank’ becomes as soon as it reaches some level, it’s going to be promoted in more areas in the marketplace.
While this product will most likely spark the interest of prospective indie developers and fans of indie games, you are able to imagine this type of policy leads to some lots of very poor quality titles littering the market. A widely played game isn’t necessarily a stride of quality. Many in the games within the marketplace don’t feel complete. There are a number of excellent titles (ChronoBlade, The Bard’s Tale, and Shadowgun are a couple of truly fun games) but being forced to obtain the gems among numerous below impressive titles could be off-putting. This is especially true should your initial exposure to the console is playing some in the bad games, it may leave a bitter taste in your mouth.
Finding good games is made more challenging with the not enough an interesting ratings system. Games for the marketplace cannot be rated over a scale (for example, from five stars), but rather utilize a ‘likes’ system where players can thumbs up games similar to statuses on Facebook. This doesn’t necessarily tell you how bad or good a casino game is very than how popular or popular it’s. A game with a huge selection of likes could possibly be rubbish whereas a sport with just a couple of may be amazing.
Despite the actual fact it could put out 1080p HD, graphics usually are not the OUYA’s strong suit because it focuses mainly on indie titles. Many with the games have very retro looking, arcadey graphics. Hardcore gamers could even go as far as to call them kiddy games. It almost felt like playing a Nintendo console (the actual fact an NES emulator might be found inside the marketplace made it feel even more so). That isn’t to convey OUYA games aren’t effective at having good graphics. For example, Shadowgun basically plays being a stylized Gears of War clone.
In addition to its games, the OUYA includes several applications such as TwitchTV, Plex, and TuneIn Radio. There’s also a PSone emulator app called FSse. It is nothing revolutionary, but does add another dimension of entertainment and versatility on the $99 console.
If you happen to be into indie games, then you might want to consider picking up an OUYA as it is possible to have a a lot of extra fun by using it but if you happen to be a hardcore gamer looking for something about the degree of an Xbox One, PlayStation 4, or Wii U you then’re going to be severely disappointed. There is a lot of potential here for that OUYA to get more, but because it currently stands it is rather underwhelming.
Final Score: 3 / 5 stars
(This review was based off an assessment unit with the console).

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