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Check out some of our videos to view high-end Yachts, luxury homes and valuable items. You will also find great tips, tricks and techniques to assist you while shopping for insurance quotes.


About BIA & Company

Family owned and operated, BIA & Company is a private client insurance group located in Coral Gables, Florida. With over two decades of licensed insurance expertise, our team of highly qualified and committed professionals works to bring the best insurance solutions to families across South Florida from the Florida Keys to Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, West Palm Beach and Beyond. Our goal is to care for your family's insurance needs as if they were our own. We’re proud to offer top rated individual and commercial marine insurance solutions, life and health, luxury and more to deserving clients.  With a community focus, stellar business reputation and a proven record of successful clients in South Florida, we’re pleased to welcome you to the BIA & Company family. Here are just a few

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Marine Insurance and Why You Must Have it

Hardly anyone would argue it's best to drive your car uninsured or to leave it up to chance if your homeowner's policy is about to expire. The fact is, we work hard to afford the luxuries we have- whether it's a 6 bedroom home a luxury sedan or a yacht. Insurance protects our things in the event they are damaged or stolen. The right insurance coverage it's an important par

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